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10-08-2011, 02:45 AM
I have mentioned before i'd be all for having a 3 teir system: Gold, silver, OTHER/sub.

and guess what? if they did that i'd probly pick up a sub again and get all the perks. I don't really care if you also did the same things i did, but i seriously doubt it. I'm simply getting tired of you being a jerk and saying we have no rights because we purchased a LTS at a discount compared to the sub you've paid all along. Your fault for not taking that deal. I have supported the game monetarily and will contintue to do so. So stop telling me i have no rights.

And as i pointed out its not YOUR decision to be making anyway. I don't think this request will fly, but we don't need you telling US we have no rights because you feel so superior that you opted to sub every month instead of buying a life time sub.