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10-08-2011, 03:05 AM
Have i supported the game? yes. Will i continue to support the game? yes. Do i have rights? yes. Do you think you are superior? Yes because you state we have no rights based solely on the fact we purchased a LTS. I didn't put words in your mouth, i simply connected the dots.

Your statement that we have no rights because we have a lifestime sub is rediculous in the extreme. If we have and continue to support the game we have every right to ask for what ever we please. It's not YOUR place to dictate who does and does not have rights in STO.

"I'm getting tired of your bullying tactics, your personal insults and your general attitude. I have an opinion, and this forum entitles me to share it."

seriously? LOL your the one that barged in here stating lifetimers have no rights. Whos epeen has the issue? I was simply stating that yes i had infact put quite abit into this game. who put MORE into the game is actually irrelavant. As someone who monetarily supports this game to this day i have just as much right to request anything as you do. Your assumption that lifers don't put anymoney into this game is obvious in your stating they have no rights. Yeah i got rather riled due to YOUR general attitude so we're in the same boat there bubba.