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10-08-2011, 06:02 AM
Originally Posted by Commodore_Stipe
Wow... some of you need to realize we are testing this. It's way way to early for all the doom and gloom and epic fail stuff. A few points:

1) The limit is on refning 8000 dillithium ore.. don't assume it's a one to one conversion. In fact, I suspect it isn't based on a dev post (lord know where I saw it) that eventually you could do this on your ship and having the right duty officers would increase the yield. That makes me think it's not a one to one conversion.

2) Prices will change. That's why we are testing to give feedback.

3) Finally, test a way, break everything... twice... so that when this does launch it is indeed not an epic fail but instead and epic success.

The success or failure of this launch rests more in our hands than cryptics at this point. They have and will continue to listend to us. WE will make this a success. Put away the ptich forks and go break something...have fun!
Are you seriously suggesting it's the consumer's responsibility to pay for a product and test it?
You know, I have plenty of stuff you could pay for and test for me too!