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10-08-2011, 07:44 AM
Originally Posted by Quiiliitiila
Wow, that's... I'm speechless.
It's actually pretty standard for just about any game company. Especially one with an international audience like STO.

Unless your on their staff at the time you design the ship, or you at least sign a contract before you start on the design. (as happened with the Odyssey) you own the ship, no mater what you sign over to cryptic. They can buy it from you I believe, but you can't just give it to them.

Which means that if they do something with it that you don't like, there is potential you can sue them. And even if it's a lawsuit they cannot possibly lose, it's still nothing but bad press for them that they don't want.

And this can be even worse in some countries as copyright laws vary from place to place. In Germany, for example, you can't even sell your copyright to something, if you design it, you own it forever (or at least until 50+ years after you die) and no amount of contracts or money lets someone else take ownership of it.