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10-08-2011, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by Hakaishin
12th is such a massive conglomerate that it's a bit silly to call us light or heavy. Most everyone in our arsenal has several Vice Admirals capable of filling multiple roles at the drop of a hat. I have an Excellsior, Galaxy-X, Fleet Escort, Star Cruiser, and Intrepid myself. I use them all.

I just really like my Galaxy-X, and the fleet's makeup allows me to fly just about anything I want and be effective.
When I speak of "fleet makeup", its about the guys that are on the same time as me. Most of my time is doing class work during the semester, and working. In between semester, I get a chance to see more diverse players in my fleet. I only have one character of each type, so I only can specialize in three different type of ships as well, no changin at the drop of a hat for me. But its okay, I think the Excelsiors my Cruiser nitch. I love the Fleet Escort (even though its pugly) as well as the Trident class (Deep Space Science ship). They kind of move to the same spot for each type.