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10-08-2011, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by Korhil
Couple of things about the space STFs on Tribble.

Infected: It is still possible to destroy the gate before the transformers. If this is supposed to be a possibility something needs to be done about the ships that warp in after its destruction.

The Cure: The Kang is a bit too hard to keep alive. Its not a time thing, its just with 5 players you can only really spare 1 or 2 to defend it and once you are facing 5+ raptors per wave thats a bit much. Please scale down the ships spawned by the repair facilities a little.

I am sure people have found other issues. The bug that means if someone joins and isnt auto grouped they get all the loot from the optional objective in the space Infected is pretty annoying.
The group I play the stf's with has had no problems at all with the STF's being to hard. The kang is very easy to keep alive if you keep a tank and a high dps guy to defend it. Yes when people play if they are not auto-grouped is the most anyoing part of the stf's no one but them gets the loot i hope this gets fixed with the next patch or two.