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10-08-2011, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by RAJ_2011
POwer, it has a warp core!

Inertia, its has inertia damapers

it has been stated in star trek the impluse engines are for sublight traveling while the rcs thrusters used for steerign ship.
But dampers only work SO well. You still need "thrust". On TNG and others, many time ,the impulse engines glowed brighter when the ship was accelerating (and turning), so that suggests that they do use the impulse engines in pretty much every aspect of non-warp travel.

The warp core is the source of power, but the power must be distributed through a power "network", if the RCS network can only handle 150 gigajoules of energy, it cant send any more through it. So if the two RCS thrusters fire to turn the ship, a max of 150 gigajoules can be used BETWEEN the two thrusters (ie. 75/75, 100/50 etc.). By using the impulse engines to help with forward motion, the "side" RCS can use 150 gigjoules of the network energy to turn, improving the ships turn rate.