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10-08-2011, 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by RAJ_2011
And Mister_Dee if you believe it is not canon well that is up to you. Since it has been designed and it is the finalized one and was going to be in the nemesis but they change their mind its still canon no matter what.
Well, I guess this will end up as a somewhat long response but since I recognise a spirit at least as passionate about Trek as myself and we've bumped into each other in one way on another for a while now I'd like to formulate a proper response.

There is a hughe disparity between what I'd like to see in this game and what I think is possible to see in this game.
The reason why I often write that something is not likely or not possible is not to annoy people or because I don't want it.
If certain things were possible I'd ditch my T5 Vor'cha on my KDF Engineer and use the TNG-era refit of the Emperor Heavy Battlecruiser from "Klingon Academy" I designed for a personal "Birth of the Federaton Mod".

And since we can't submit our shipdesigns I won't get a chance to fly the Romulan D7 refit for the (post-)Nemesis era I designed either:

But as we know some things are not possible.

Several years ago I tried to make a Star Trek mod for a game noone knows about, it's called "Starshatter".
The project went down for various personal reasons but back then I read tons of background and also "licensed" material including "Star Fleet Battles" and also the various materials from FASA and more recent material.
And back then I wondered why ships like the rather interesting and cool D-10 from FASA never appeared anywhere or why SFC3 had such a short list of Klingon ships while SFC2 had so many designs that were at least as advanced as the K't'inga we saw in SFC3.
And back then I bumped into the problem of "canon".
So it's not about what I want, or what I'd love to see.

It's about the official definition of "canon" which can't even agree whether material from deleted scenes should be regarded as canon or whether scenes that were added for DVD releases should be considered canon or only the version of the film that was shown in the theatres.
But the offical definiton is when it's not in the's not in the movie.
Hence the Klingons didn't get a new generation of Birds of Prey for DS9
and the Enterprise-E didn't get its refit the way it's shown on Eave's page.
And I don't like it any more than you do.