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10-08-2011, 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by Galeforce
Just write a letter to CBS detailing the changes being made to their IP. Tell them all about the federation becoming so poor that ship captains in starfleet are having to PAY for their own ships... in a society that is not supposed to have any use for money. And it is money no matter what you call it: dollars, gold coins, dilithium... it all represents the same thing, currency used to buy and sell goods.
In the online form, you have to give them your contact info, so I can add details if asked.

I was willing to wait until the STO team called my bluff, but then someone pointed out the "we will wait for the silent majority" comment from D'Angelo, and I figured I couldn't wait anymore. This dismissive and condescending attitude from Cryptic needs to stop, and getting CBS involved is the best way to do that at this point.