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10-08-2011, 03:08 PM
I'm only quoting from what John Eaves has posted. As for canon well it is in the eye of the beholder since this is just a sci-ficton franchise. If it isn't canon then there should be to much of a problem it is even mentioned in sto timeline twice that the E had a major repair and refit which we see at the end of nemesis than its is mention in the year 2385 that the E yet again had another major refit because federeation/starfleet decided to change the sovereign class to more exploration/scinece vessel instead of it being more towards a combat vessel. Anyway I hope and wish they use in sto but i have asked CapnLogn and he has mentioned the the sovereign class is been pushed to low priorty on the list of sorting out ships but he will only do miner changes. Hopfully since there has been talk about a new series being picthed which is post/voyager/nemesis I am hoping they will use the sovereign refit.