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I'm somewhat new to using tricobalts, but I've done so for a few days on my main on Holodeck, and I'm reasonably certain what we're seeing in Tribble now is Cryptic's new vision for Tricobalts... and I have to say, I'm not happy.

Now, again, I'm inexperienced with Trics, so correct me if I'm wrong, but on Holodeck right now Trics don't use THY, and they don't do friendly fire (or even damage you when they explode).

On Tribble, they are using THY, which creates a Heavy Tricobalt Device, and they do cause friendly fire (at least to yourself, haven't noticed if I'm hurting allies) within a 1km radius. Considering the fact that Tricobalts are absolutely useless if not fired at or under around point blank range (they get shot down if fired from any farther out) this change has effectively made Tricobalts useless.

On a stationary target, firing from beyond 1km to avoid blowing yourself up means there's something in the neighborhood of a 5 second flight time on the Tric. That's on a stationary target. If the target is moving away , or even perpendicular to you, it will likely never land. In PVP, this will mean that you will NEVER land a tricobalt hit. Even in PVE, my trics have been getting shot down.

And the "rift" thing that is supposed to happen when the Heavy Tric hits only seems to happen about 1/4 of the time, from what I have seen. And I can't even tell if it's doing any damage, or what the heck it's doing.

I do hope they fix this. IMHO, Tricobalts will be 100% useless if this is the way they are going to be. I'll be going back to Quantums. The way they are now, you have 2 options. 1) Fire from point blank as usual, doing good damage, but having about a 75% chance of blowing yourself up in the process, or 2) Fire from 1km out to avoid the splash damage, but have about a 1/8 hit rate. Considering it takes a full minute for the Trics to charge, that means you'll likely never land a tric hit again.