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10-08-2011, 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by toisich View Post
I got my MK x one in a lucky drop. I highly urge others to try to get one, there's a couple green ones on the exchange for 200k right now. Need more people to chime in on this.

It'd be nice to hear from a Dev if this is the intended functionality of the new Trics too... If it is... Well, all I can say is no one will ever use Trics again, unless they're playing the roll of kamikazi suicide bomber.

I can understand maybe nerfing the Tricobalts, as they're pretty much in a race with Dual Beam Arrays (with Beam Overload 3) for the highest damage weapon in the game, but to take the highest damage weapon in the game and nerf it to the point where it has absolutely no use seems a little on the drastic side to me.
Well a fully decked out cruiser with all the right gear and shooting of EpS and polarize hull could easily survive a point blank tricobalt explosion. Mount em on your rear and get rid of the peskly escort flying on your tail pipe. I mean 12k shields, and 50k plus hull it'll hurt but you will survive.