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10-08-2011, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by toisich View Post
Yes, but from what I've seen, mostly Escorts use Tricobalts, as they're a precision weapon, not something that most Sci or Cruisers can make much use of.

Your point is taken, but in reverse. Now if I'm a Escort saddled up on the tail of a Cruiser, I'm probably going to do more damage to myself than to the Cruiser if I use a Tric within 1km to ensure a hit.

The thing that gets me is no other weapon in the game does damage to you, as well as your target... so why do this to trics? Why not make it so that the path of beams, and cannons are tracked, so if a friendly wanders into your arc of fire you do friendly fire? No? Then please leave trics alone too then.
Well yea you have a pont. I fly a cruiser with one mounted on the rear... it doens't land much. But yea an escort using one at close range is likely to hurt the cruiser and kill themselves. Not a good trade off I agree.