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10-08-2011, 04:41 PM
Never used Tricobalts because the skills to use them is hardly worth the price of how ineffective they are and this has merely amplified that. I suspect this is part of Cryptic's concept to make AOE attacks cause friendly fire.

I.E They said they wanted Torp spread to damage allies so Tricobalt get the same treatment... for some reason

Cant say I find that very sensible. They removed AOE ground friendly fire from the Plasma Fire and are selectively applying it to space.

Are they going to make photonic shockwave AOE friendly fire ?, Cannon Scatter Volley, Fire At Will ?
I find it an amazingly awful double standard to apply this concept to SOME.

Personnally, I always though Tricobalts should simply be Plasma Torps with a different proc. These exotic launchers are less about damage and more about the proc, just like the weapons.
Apparantly Cryptic feel the proc on Tricobalts is... AOE suicide ?