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Originally Posted by zordar View Post

The ghostbuster gun is 'meh'. A pulsewave assault or minigun do just as well. As far as gear, I replayed Skirmish three times in part to get the psi-shield. And make sure your BOff's have hypos too. That will help keep them in the fight longer. And I strongly recommend a dedicated BOff medic for the Devidian (and Breen) missions.

The question is: is a psionic attack covered under "all energy" (meaning, does stuff like Energy Dampening armor partially protect against it)? If so, the psi-shield isn't as much of a must-have. It's still really nice, though.

Not according to the UI. With Energy Dampening Armour equipped Psionic resistance is still very low (around 2% or so, character has no Psionic traits) but that rises to 33% with the phase shifted shield so it does give a noticeable resistance buff.