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Originally Posted by Feor View Post
Unfortunately Canon isn't in the eye of the beholder. Canon means what is considered a legitimate and official part of the story, by the people who own the story. Just because someone who worked on the story came up with something, the fact that it was never shown on screen means that (for whatever reason) the people in charge of the story didn't sign off on it, and so it's not canon until they say otherwise.
Well if that is what you believe than its surts me. My prove comes from Johns Eaves himself, his website and memory alpha and more which i'm not listing. So where is you proof?. As i have mentioned there are several websites which say they had it orignal in nemesis but took it out due to money not because it was effecting star trek in anyway. It is all canon if the people who created star trek say or show it is and can be opened to interepretion it is not set in stone. Since nemesis was changed due to money problems and nothing else its still Canon.