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Originally Posted by LtEliz

ohh yeah did i mention ur bridge officers can die if u send em on missions O.o good god hope they limit it so ur unique and never replaceable reeman and borg officers dont die O.o

And oh yes did i forgot to mention the ships u buy from c store is Per charakter instead of account.
and also prices went up instead of down way to go will this stay like this ?

dilithium on story mission will fill the gap yes or no ?

"One thing in common between the various ways to get Dilithium Ore is that they are limited to once-a-day activities or to activities only open during certain hours of the day. This is not accidental."

quoted from the explanation from the new so called mr boss.

"Existing players are probably used to getting a "free ship token" at each rank up. With the new changes, the discount plus the Refined Dilithium award will often not be enough to get a ship. It will be close to enough at the lower ranks, but there will be a larger gap at the higher ranks. We expect that players will need to spend a portion of their time as they level up doing daily missions and other means to acquire Dilithium. If they do so, they should generally have more than enough to acquire a ship at rank-up. If, however, they have not been participating in the daily content, they may find that there is a gap they need to fill."
Upon reaching your next rank you'll be given a ship discount token. The difference between the discount token and the cost of the ship will have to be paid for in refined dilithium that can be had in game in set amounts. I promise you within a month of the F2P launch and the new economy going live there will be guides on these very forums explaining exactly how many daily exploration missions, pvp missions, or repeatable story missions you need to run each rank to be assured the purchase of your new ship.

I will admit to being a little disappointed, the first write-up for dilithium lead me to believe it could be had for doing any missions in game and I was really looking forward to the diversity that would have brought to my end-game grinding. Still, I fail to see how this translates into "no longer be able to get ships with new economy system"

Originally Posted by yeochins
Unfortunately no. It seems we've reached an impasse. There is nothing that can be said to nonbelievers such as you besides asking people to post their credit card statements of last December.

I invite you to play Perfect World. If you can grind out your $8000 worth of equipment in less than 3,333 hours then come back here and let us know.

I'll even give you a hint: Pick Assassin.

If you want to hit 20,000 hours pick Wizard.

Otherwise, let us know how much money you spent to get good equipment there.
What you're referring to here is a geometric upgrade system where obtaining each "plus" to your gear is exponentially harder than the previous gain. STO has not even hinted at the introduction of something like that so discussing the merits and flaws of it would be very premature. However, if/when something like that is introduced into STO, you are welcome to give me a great big "I told you so."