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10-08-2011, 07:39 PM
Originally Posted by Nilladog View Post
Agreed. But why was staff rendering the Venture and others but not the Ambassador? The problem is priorities. What will sell better? Classic designs that fans have liked for years or new and knockoff designs made exclusively for STO? I've been waiting over a year for the Ambassador, and liked it since the 90s but just learned about the Venture last month. Why render crazy new tactical ships when we have the New Orleans? Why the Shikahr when there is the Soyuz or Constellation? In fact, I understand there was a Constellation in beta. The problem isn't not having the time, its not having the will.

Of course, I'll probably get banned for expressing my opinion on the matter.
Ever so trying to look at the "bright side", for the past year I have been very patient. That is, until I started seeing a small fleet of new Cryptic-Only ships come into the game recently. You hit the nail right on the head. The Devs need to prioritize starship classes initially by introducing official Star Trek Canon ships into the game. I know of 5 or 6 individuals that were paying customers that have closed their accounts because of issues like this. A couple of them left because the Ambassador Class has been put on the back burner forever. Others left because of other things constantly being pushed back, some left because of issues with The Foundry, and so forth. The Devs have a gold mine of a game in STO, however they need to do a better job listening to the players who pay for, and play the game on a consistent basis. I know they left for a fact because they messaged me and told me they were calling it quits. My point being, It makes no difference whatsoever to me that they lost half a dozen paying customers. but imagine this.....6 more leave....12 more leave...dozens MORE quit. It is not something anyone likes to see, but it should be noted by the devs to at least consider things like that, which are completely preventable and a loss of game revenue.