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10-08-2011, 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by Nilladog View Post
Agreed. But why was staff rendering the Venture and others but not the Ambassador? The problem is priorities. What will sell better? Classic designs that fans have liked for years or new and knockoff designs made exclusively for STO? I've been waiting over a year for the Ambassador, and liked it since the 90s but just learned about the Venture last month. Why render crazy new tactical ships when we have the New Orleans? Why the Shikahr when there is the Soyuz or Constellation? In fact, I understand there was a Constellation in beta. The problem isn't not having the time, its not having the will.

Of course, I'll probably get banned for expressing my opinion on the matter.
I agree the new Akira class ship (thunderchild) is another good example. Very untrek like.