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10-08-2011, 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by LtEliz

ohh yeah did i mention ur bridge officers can die if u send em on missions O.o good god hope they limit it so ur unique and never replaceable reeman and borg officers dont die O.o

And oh yes did i forgot to mention the ships u buy from c store is Per charakter instead of account.
and also prices went up instead of down way to go will this stay like this ?

dilithium on story mission will fill the gap yes or no ?

"One thing in common between the various ways to get Dilithium Ore is that they are limited to once-a-day activities or to activities only open during certain hours of the day. This is not accidental."

quoted from the explanation from the new so called mr boss.

"Existing players are probably used to getting a "free ship token" at each rank up. With the new changes, the discount plus the Refined Dilithium award will often not be enough to get a ship. It will be close to enough at the lower ranks, but there will be a larger gap at the higher ranks. We expect that players will need to spend a portion of their time as they level up doing daily missions and other means to acquire Dilithium. If they do so, they should generally have more than enough to acquire a ship at rank-up. If, however, they have not been participating in the daily content, they may find that there is a gap they need to fill."
Bridge Officer can be sent on missions--since wheN? I think you're mistaking the DOFF system for the BOFF system. They;re different.

Dilithium can net you a ship with the reduced fee token down to 1 or 2 dailies: be they explore, foundry, pvp, fleet action, events, etc. at each level increase.

I got most of my dilithium from the DOFF system.