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Given that the in-game bug tool isn't working, it would help to add guidelines for publishing bugs and observations in the forums. Some of the things to document include the following:

* Should each bug be its own topic? Should people with lists make a single bugs/comments report as a new topic? Should Turbine create topics for the bug categories (e.g., UI, Mssions) and have us post bugs as replies? Different places for bugs versus observations versus comments. I've noticed some are pre-tagging bugs with [bug]. Let us know what to do, and we'll (mostly) do it.

* What's an acceptable amount of checking for already-reported bugs. The search in the bug tool isn't great, but it works enough that I've found issues and me-too'ed them on prod. Maybe A sticky with short descriptions and links of known/confirmed bugs by build would be helpful.

* Given we get more frequent builds on Tribble, should our reports include what build the test was done under? Since I'm not reporting in-game when the bug happens, there could be days between finding a bug and reporting it. (I have bugs back from Tribble coming up, but I've been back-testing them with the 6 Oct release).