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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
it could have been the same excelsior class, surely a galaxy classes core would be more powerful, most powerful that is, but that doesn't mean it would automatically be the most efficient. there could easily be an efficiency competition between 2 different ships with 2 different cores. also, the intrepid class and voyager wasn't even thought of yet during the 7th tng season. but i think the intrepid class was lunched the same year as tng's 6th or 7th season in universe, so it could have been the original intrepid class Geordi was competing with.
Yes and no.
The Excelsior class USS Fearless in "Where no one has gone before" was mentioned as being more efficien than the Enterprise-D, but only because of the power the traveller had and not beause the Excelsior is so efficient.

In addition I already took your thoughts about efficeincy into consideration:
The Intrepid's warpcore is also smaller than the Galaxy's but much newer.
So the efficiency thing is already taken into account there.
Also they talked about percentage values in that episode not absolutes.

When it comes to the matter of whether the "voyager" show was thought about at that point...well I'Ve got en edition of the Encyclopedia which contains the information that "Voyager" was in the works but has an equally nbulous entry about Star Trek Generations.
So just because the show was not released at that point doen (for once) not mean they had not actually thought about it at that point.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
so we see that the USS Galaxy has a registry of 70637, and according to memory alpha, the lowest nebula registry listed is USS Honshu NCC-60205, the USS nebula probably has a slightly lower number. its likely that the more utilitarian nebula class first launched in the mid to late 2350 with that number. the Galaxy, Yamato and Enterprise were all being built at approximately the same time, with the enterprise launching in 2363, so the galaxy class cant be older then 2362 or 63.

i believe the borg attacked in 2365, so the defiant was probably built in 2366 or 67, and then mothballed for a few years. its registry is NX-74205, so that number is mid 2360s. the intrepid's registry is 74600, so the intrepid is probably from about 2367. but, voyager's 74656 is not much higher, so it was probably one of the first intrepid classes, and it was launched in 2371. hmm. maybe the defiant wasn't even assigned a registry before it was pulled out of mothballs in 2371. the USS Prometheus has a sub 75000 registry in 2374, so it seems like ship building really slowed down between the 2350s and 2370s, witch is odd, considering all the new classes. USS nova's registry is 73515, so more mid 2360s

the akira class USS Thunderchild NCC-63549 actually has a registry number lower then the galaxy! so it was launched ln the very late 2350s? its possible. the Norway class USS Budapest registry of NCC-64923 puts it in a similar time frame as the akira class, another product of the 2350s apparently. the saber class USS Budapest has a registry of NCC-64923, so more 2350s. the oldest of all is the steamrunner class USS Appalachia, NCC-52136. 2340s?

and finally the USS sovereign's not quite canon registry of NX-73811, that seems kind of low. it could have been scheduled to be launched at about the same time as the first borg attack, but was pushed back to be further developed in light of new threats, and kept a registry number of a ship that proboly should have been launched years earlier.

based on all this, it apears the registry range for years is a bit like this

3555- ~60000
2360- ~65000
2362- ~70000
2364- ~72000
2366- ~73500
2368- ~74000
2370- ~74600
2372- ~74800
2374- ~75000

i think making sense of registry numbers is a bit hopeless lol
Using the registries only makes your head explode.
For example:
Springfield class (looks like the same era as the Cheyenne)
USS Chekov NCC-57302

Cheyenne USS Ahwahnee NCC-71620/NCC-73620 (the model in "Best of Both Worlds had the higher number, the ship listed in "Redemption" had the lower one).
This would actually mean the Cheyenne is more modern than the Galaxy while the Springfield is decades older (!).
It seems Starfleet assigns registries based on the what the dice said not based on any reasonable concept.