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10-09-2011, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by Cormoran View Post
So one other person was wrong too, logical though is not based on a democracy, again you're using only the information that suits you.

You also only wish to focus on what can be easily used to continue an argument since you never bothered to even acknowledge my point, which pertains more to this threads actual topic, on the possibilites of lifers spending more than freeplayers and vice versa.

Honestly, i'm done with this, i feel too sorry for you to keep digging at you like this. Being such an abrasive person whilst taking the victim route the second someone stands up to it isn't really an existance to be proud of, whether online or not. You may continue to attempt to berate and argue if you wish, it will only show other people what sort of a person you are.

Such a shame.
You have made no points in this thread that have been worthy of discussion, you have simply made a very poor attempt to discredit me and now others in this thead.

I'm so glad YOU have allowed me to continue to defend myself, I feel honoured that you have allowed me this much, for that I thankyou. I hope it does show people what kind of person I am, I will not be belittled by anyone.