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10-09-2011, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by Cormoran View Post
It being a response to something someone else said has absolutely no bearing on that. Regardless of that quote his response was that they, as a lifer (made abundantly clear from his 'you don't pay' comment), have no rights. He's had this attitude towards lifers for some time now, you and i are nothing but leeches to him.
Of course it has a bearing, he was telling the other guy he doesn't have a right to demand more just because he's a lifer that seems to think he's owed something.
As for whether he thinks I'm a leech, I don't really care. I've never seen him in game and likely never will but that doesn't make him any less wrong; when your subs paid off, if you buy nothing in the CStore you're nothing more than a drain on resources. Luckily for me (well, Cryptic) I spend a fortune in the CStore so it's a non issue.

I'm not the one twisting your words, you are. You're now backtracking on what you said previously in the hope that it won't sound as bad as you originally made it sound now that you've been called out on it.

I'm not surprised you say you have no idea, again, my feelings told me you'd feign ignorance on that. I won't indulge that sort of attitude.
I'm still not seeing the back tracking, the comment that seems to keep being quoted was directed at someone who said;

More on the way hasn't happened. So yea, us lifetimers, have a damn good right to request "More on the way!"
All he did was tell him he doesn't have the right to demand anything just because he's a lifer. Was it badly worded? Possibly, but the meaning was pretty clear to me and can't see why there's such a fuss over this.