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10-09-2011, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by rooster75
I'm posting this here to keep the PvP community up to date about some of the upcoming changes to Trics which are now on Tribble. All of you B'Rel pilots that carry Trics have basically just become kamikaze pilots.

An interesting side effect to Trics (whether it has been buffed as a High Yield, Torpedo Spread or just fired without buffs) is they are now causing damage to not only the target but also the Tric user and anyone else (including friendlies) who are within the blast radius (1km). As you all know, the only way to effectively fire a Tric is at very close range. This torpedo is going to be nerfed so badly that it's only use in game may be to grief your own teammates.

This makes Trics the new plasma grenade of space combat except that Cryptic fixed plasma grenades so they wouldn't damage friendlies anymore. Now they've added it to space combat because it works there?

When Character copying is opened back up on Tribble I hope there will be plenty of testers to provide feedback on the forums and voice to Cryptic their thoughts over these changes.
well of course you need to use your own ship to explode the enemys. the tric takes out shields and hurts yo uthe you ram. its science i say!