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10-09-2011, 07:46 AM
Originally Posted by spidey1980 View Post
1. CBS most likely does know exactly what Cryptic is doing. Which is why writing them would be pointless anyway.
2. Captains have always been able to buy ships in this game. They also have always been able to buy and sell equipment on the exchange.
None of that fits established canon, so why are you complaining NOW??

Canonwise, Captains are still assigned to ships by Starfleet. They still get outfitted with up to date state of the art equipment for free.
Nothing that Cryptic does will change that.
And that's why CBS won't give a damn about you writing them.
I don't think CBS is fully aware of the fan's point of view on it and fans are what make any story profitable.

Addressing point 2, we were always able to buy ships but we were assigned a token to get 1 free at promotion without grinding for it. With the f2p system we are forced to buy a ship either with cpoints for real cash or through a godaweful amount of grinding.

Canonwise, captains were not outfitted with state of the art equipment for free, sure Picard, Kirk, and the main characters were ... eventually, but the Stargazer wasn't a new ship when Picard got it, Riker was to be assigned an old ship (the Melbourn , not a new ship) which he turned down again.

The argument here is more about our choices being forcibly removed and written out of the game than anything else, and choice has always been a defining principle of Star Trek and the Federation.