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10-09-2011, 08:20 AM
Would be more reasonable to add Tier 6 ships where the player can build the ship themselves from existing hulls. Each hull coming with it's own benefits and drawbacks to make them balanced and feasible to play at endgame.

As it is, the game is going to rapidly devolve into every class being a C-Store refit option at T5 which is largely stupid. If the game is going to go that route, might as well offer every hull from the beginning of the game and allow everyone to pick the hull they want to level from Start to Finish.

The leveling process would simply be a case of opening weapon and bridge slots on the ship as you level up. Incidentally, this removes the entire need for ship tokens and dilithium shortages since folks only need to buy one ship in all their lifetime.

The Dilithium would go towards UPGRADING the ship as time progresses which is far more sensible.

Oh wait... I forgot that would cheat Cryptic of C-Store garbage of offering ships at every tier folks buy throughout the leveling process.