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Originally Posted by thethanatos View Post
I don't think CBS is fully aware of the fan's point of view on it and fans are what make any story profitable.

Addressing point 2, we were always able to buy ships but we were assigned a token to get 1 free at promotion without grinding for it. With the f2p system we are forced to buy a ship either with cpoints for real cash or through a godaweful amount of grinding.

Canonwise, captains were not outfitted with state of the art equipment for free, sure Picard, Kirk, and the main characters were ... eventually, but the Stargazer wasn't a new ship when Picard got it, Riker was to be assigned an old ship (the Melbourn , not a new ship) which he turned down again.

The argument here is more about our choices being forcibly removed and written out of the game than anything else, and choice has always been a defining principle of Star Trek and the Federation.
I think you are under a great misunderstanding here:
Do you honestly believe that CBS really cares how Cryptic gets money for the licence fee they have to pay for STO?
I doubt it.

The point is that Cryptic was ways to nice to STOs players when the game started. (in regards of ships)
Not a single MMO gies you the strongest available armor (what a ship bassically is) just because you have gained 10 levels.
Some might give you a quest to recieve such armors at certain levels but none gies them out for free.

An honestly, playing through Cmdr with a LTcmdr ship is not really that hard, even when using white equip only.
It was actually pretty refreshing having a challenge for once without turning Elite mode on.

The only thing I would complain about is the time you have to grind for a Mark X torpedo

About the grinding for your ship:
When my tribble toon leveld up to RAL I got 10K dilithium as well as a ship discount token - making the ship cost 20k.
And sorry but grinding 10K for a ship actually happens during the leveling process.
Except of course you never do dailies, but well thats your problem then and not the systems.

I concur that they should adjust the Item-prices but the ship cost is fully reasonable.