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Originally Posted by Capt_Dracon_Darknight View Post
Actually Spock traveld through a short distance without having a ship or shuttle, (using a spce suit), so the argument is still valid.

you can actually keep the t2 ship as long as you want, even your t-1 ship so your argument is actually the invalid one.
Your battles will take a bit longer than with a state of the art ship but it is still possible to miss out a tier.
I know because I did it myself. It got a bit though when I hit Cmdr 8, but I still managed to do it just fine.

Do you think Picard our Kirk could go to SFC and start saying: 'Sir, I need a new vessel, those pesky romulans are far better equipped than my ship is. I know I jusyt got the enterprise, but hey why not renaming the USS Sovereign into Enterprise and make it an Enterprise class?... Yeah i know she is still experimental, but hey I want to "pew pew" these green blooded sly *******s isntead of having to fight a minute longer.'

No longer having a game where you could actually go AFK the rest of the battle after pressing a single BOFF ability is actually an improvment, not a downgrade.
óR DO you think all those Miranda captains, the show, could go to Starfleet and just ask for a new ship, because the emenies vesels were better? - No. They had to make the best they could out of it.
And yes there were things they couldn't do because of their ship - And this is represented by the BOFF abilities.
I did the same thing on tribble and it wasn't fun because I had no choice in the matter, since fun is the point to any game one would think that would be the priority.

Kirk and Picard both got shiny new ships for their trouble as did Sisko when the Defiant did the big firework and he got the Sao Paolo (renamed Defiant)

I agree that combat is a bit too easy on normal, which is why there are other settings that add consequences.

These ships are our characters, not costumes, and not armor, but characters just as much as the bipedal humanoid avatars we have when we are on the surface. Yes, it is sped up too much and always has been but that does not negate the fact that we are our ships.