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Originally Posted by Capt_Dracon_Darknight View Post
Yet, you are not picard, Kirki or sisko, plus all of their ships got destryed. So assigning a new ship to them was necessary. The fact that they got a shiny new one instead of a miranda is nothing more than a plot device.
Picard was even the first one to get his hands on the enterprise in the first place, so he was actually just lucky to get her, he could have also gotten an an Excelsior.

Why should every captain get a shiny new ship?
Captains retire too, or get promoted past their seat.
Someone has to take their ships over too.
And honestly: 20 level in one ship is not the end of the world.

And no the ships are still not your character.
Your Toon's skill counts towards the ships ability, not the ships.

The skills name is Escort Captain - not 'My skill'

If you don't like armor call it a battle mount, fact is a ship is a tool.
The only exceptions are organic ships,a s they really are lifeforms,
(Or the Andromeda from 'Andromeda' as the ship has an AI)
Wrong, that is the whole point of an mmo, to be the hero. My name may not be Picard, Kirk, or Sisko, but my position is exactly the same, the hero in my own story in the Star Trek universe.

Correct, but when they got promoted, they were assigned new ships. I don't care if they write in a random factor as to what free ship is assigned to you as long as it is at about your level.

Have you actually played this game? Your skillsets do indeed apply to the ship itself, might want to look at the skill list again next time you are on because they actually get more specific to the ship specialization, not less.