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10-09-2011, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Charlemagne19
Interesting question,

Due to instancing, every character of Star Trek: Online is basically playing a single-player campaign built around the fact that he gets a Chris Pine Kirk-esque origin. He's promoted to lieutenant and given command of a garbage scow-esque ship - so it's SLIGHTLY more believable but the same basic principle applies.

From there, the PC proceeds to single handedly carve his way through the Klingon race (if he's Federation) before moving onto blowing up a Romulan warbird with a shuttle on your first Romulan story mission and then only goes from there.

Basically, by the end of things, your character is the most action packed heroic superhero of superheroes Starfleet has ever produced.

Do you like this origin for your character or would you have preferred something slightly more lower-key for your Captain?
I actually just pretend that whole tutorial thing didn't happen for my character and make up a different back story and service record for him.

The whole super-captain thing comes from STO's progression being very similar to swords and sorcery MMO's where you're wandering the land and helping the people that live on it. Not a bad model necessarily, but it's not one I've been very fond of and would prefer a far more open world experience.

It does an okay job of putting your character front and center, making you feel like you're the star of a Star Trek TV show. I really want more 'cog in the machine' kind of feel though injected in there. Something that will hopefully happen if the PvP territory control game that's been mentioned comes out, or the Borg planet assimilation event and ones similar to it.