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Originally Posted by mister_dee
Yes and no.
The Excelsior class USS Fearless in "Where no one has gone before" was mentioned as being more efficien than the Enterprise-D, but only because of the power the traveller had and not beause the Excelsior is so efficient.

In addition I already took your thoughts about efficeincy into consideration:
The Intrepid's warpcore is also smaller than the Galaxy's but much newer.
So the efficiency thing is already taken into account there.
Also they talked about percentage values in that episode not absolutes.

When it comes to the matter of whether the "voyager" show was thought about at that point...well I'Ve got en edition of the Encyclopedia which contains the information that "Voyager" was in the works but has an equally nbulous entry about Star Trek Generations.
So just because the show was not released at that point doen (for once) not mean they had not actually thought about it at that point.

Using the registries only makes your head explode.
For example:
Springfield class (looks like the same era as the Cheyenne)
USS Chekov NCC-57302

Cheyenne USS Ahwahnee NCC-71620/NCC-73620 (the model in "Best of Both Worlds had the higher number, the ship listed in "Redemption" had the lower one).
This would actually mean the Cheyenne is more modern than the Galaxy while the Springfield is decades older (!).
It seems Starfleet assigns registries based on the what the dice said not based on any reasonable concept.
Having read a bunch of stuff about registries, what makes the most sense to me is that the registry pattern is likely {ship type}-{contract number}XX So Starfleet, rather than commissioning A starship, puts out a contract for something like 6 Galaxies, 6 Nebulas, 30 Runabouts, and a dozen Centaurs. (for example)

Under that scheme the original Enterprise was a standard ship contract (NCC), of the seventeenth contract (17), and the second ship built in that contract (01, with the 00 constitution being first. Though the constitution class is a bit of an oddity, since the Constitution was NCC-1700, but there's also a number of ships in various canon and quasi-canon sources with lower registries, such as the NCC-1071 Constellation and (the lowest I've found) the USS Eagle, NCC-956. My theory there is that they weren't originally called Constitution Class. Numerous places, early in the show, they were referred to as "starship" or "spaceship" class. Perhaps the Constitution did something great enough that it merited renaming the entire class in its honour.

Other examples:
U.S.S. Excelsior, Experimental Ship (NX), 20th contract (20), first ship of contract (00) = NX-2000
U.S.S. Galaxy, standrad ship type (NCC), 706th contract, 37 ship built in that contract = NCC-70637