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Originally Posted by thethanatos View Post
Wrong, that is the whole point of an mmo, to be the hero. My name may not be Picard, Kirk, or Sisko, but my position is exactly the same, the hero in my own story in the Star Trek universe.

Correct, but when they got promoted, they were assigned new ships. I don't care if they write in a random factor as to what free ship is assigned to you as long as it is at about your level.

Have you actually played this game? Your skillsets do indeed apply to the ship itself, might want to look at the skill list again next time you are on because they actually get more specific to the ship specialization, not less.

@ RED.
Right and wrong, because every time something really gamechanging happens its not you who has done it. It is not you killing Malygos or Arthas, its Alexstrasza or Tirion Fordrig, you were just weakening them.
You only get to kill minor villians and even they will later be revealed to be killed by someone else than you as soon as the story moves forward.
Most MMos do it this way, everyone can say they were there, no one can claim to have actually killed the foes though when doing lore friendly RP. They also don't say that the first one ever killing the foe killed it, they say a band of heroes/soldiers has helped killing them, or even cut them out for other chars.
Again WoW is a very good example as Onyxia was killed dozens of times by regular players before it was decided that the new King of Stormwind was the one to bring her head to the City gates.

I don't want to say that you can't take anything you did in the game as yours. Don't be surprised though if they decide to beam in Picard in the last moment and let him kill the Borg Queen, to name a more specific example.

And the second sentence is why what actually makes the first one unnecessary.
But since you said that they all got nw ships: They didn't change them every 10 Episodes though, but rather kept them for decades.
And another note: The Enterprise-A was not state of the art.
There was a new ship class, one that would story whise outlast the constitution class by decades too. -> Excelsior.
So did Kirkget an Excelsior when she finally stopped being an experimental ship?
No, Solu was lucky enough to get her, Kirk had to stay with his Constitution and there were things he couldn't do because he had a Constitution.

Picard's Enterprise-D was also not state of the art during Generations, because the first few (properly around 8) Sovereign class ships were already flying around.
None of them got a new ship because it was so funny, but because it was necessary.
look at Janeway, which i have a feeling you were avoiding on purpose, if her voyager would have been destroyed and she and her crew would somehow manage to survive, would she have gotten a nw ship?
I doubt it.
In 'A year of hell' the Voyager was definitely in a state Federation would have rather her than repairing her.

And no, Siskos San paulo was also not a state of the art ship, because the Prometheus was already around, he just managed to get the same ship class.
Also, a ship like the defaint was needed there.

So sorry, all of the Captains you have mentioned did, at a certain point, no longer have state of the art ships, and didn't get new ones until their old ones were destroyed. - Afterwards they did get a newer ship again, but they could have also gotten an older.
Hell they could have given Picard and the rest of the crew a promotion with Picard no longe rbeing a captain and therefore not on a ship and the rest of the crew splitted all over the sector on different ships.

They even did that in one of the movies.
Kirk got promoted away from the captain chair, Scotty was assigned to the Excelsior, McCoy to SFMedical and Uhura as a transporter chief in space dock.
That was Starfleets choice.
Stealing the Enterprise was theirs.

I did, did you?
If not: Press [K]-->click on your character--> Choose skill tab. Oh wow what do we find here?!
Skills for captaining a Ship, Quel surprise!

Now try the same when clicking on your ship instead of the Captain... Oh, nothing there...?

Secondly, I chose a random skill, I could have chosen Assault cruiser or whatever. It doesn't matter.
Furthermoe, I have never denied that your ship gets certain buffs from the skill.
Yet its a representation of the captain's ability with this kind of ship.
Also, you don't skill the USS XYZ you still skill Assault cruisers, meaning they apply to every assault cruiser you captain, not just the USS XYZ.

Read the skills names giving Buffs to your ship again.
The skills Weapon maintenance increases your weapon energy when your energy levels are set below 50.
So who maintains that weapon system? Your ship itself?
No your crew does, and you and your first officers are the ones ordering people around to do their jobs right, that is what the skill is.
A representation of your skill with this specific ship class, not more not less.

And even if the skills would be found in the ship's skill tab (which is currently empty) - then changing sship would mean to abandon the ship and loose every skill the old ship had, starting from zero every time you get a new ship.

The Assault Cruiser skill actually says 'provides [...] when captaining an Assault cruiser', not 'when being an Assault cruiser, already implying that your character is inside the ship.