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10-09-2011, 03:09 PM
Some of the arguments against getting a ship at rank-up are absolutely silly. This is not an episode of a TV series or a movie. The developers have chosen to strongly associate ship type with level. Unlike in the films and series, we're extremely limited in what we can do in each ship. If you choose to stay in the Miranda or a T2, you will be limited to Ensign and Lieutenant boff skills.

That limits progression. In an MMO, you are rewarded for leveling. This is true in successful f2p titles as well as p2p titles. In STO, the ship is your character just like your ground avatar. The ship also fulfills the role of visually communicating your level, just like having spiffy armour does in LOTRO, DDO, or WoW. There are always visual indicators of a player's level which serve to communicate to others that this player has spent time leveling in the game.

D'Angelo has thankfully admitted that Cryptic didn't pay attention to the prices of dilithium-based items during this build. This will hopefully be a long beta, espeically at the slow one build per week (even for minor fixes like fixing the power store) pace Cryptic is moving. Hopefully we won't see f2p release before November at the earliest.

RIght now there are two fundamental problems with STO's F2P build:

1. The dilithium economy is out of balance. Not enough dilithium is rewarded to purchase ships at rank-up and gear out a ship and ground crew. The ship was never something that had a cost associated with it, unless you wanted extras. It was always free. So, Cryptic decided to introduce a cost for the ship in addition to making radical changes to the economy.

2. The incentives for subscribing are mediocre at best. Unlike Turbine (or even Champions Online), there's nothing particularly compelling in the Gold matrix. I could purchase the unlocks I need for far less than the cost of a yearly subscription.