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10-09-2011, 03:47 PM
You people are whining about a test server that still has maybe 4 to six more patches to go on it before they take that info and transition STO to a f2p game. They are still working on the details of the system, haven't put the remastered borg missions in yet, made adjustments to the space skills or made additional system connection improvements to the core game to reduce loading time. As for the people who complain that this isn't a star trek game, what do YOU WANT?????? EVERY EPISODE OF STAR TREK HAD SOME AMOUNT OF CONFLICT IN IT!!!!!! You want dystopian? Look at the Warhammer universe by games workshop. It is infinitely worse than what you think Cryptic has made the trek universe to be.

Starfleet was and is always a military organization dedicated to maintaining peace, exploring the galaxy is a lot more dangerous than it looks., not everyone is going to like you showing up to say "Hi!" They don't start fights but they do try to finish them. Even Picard got his war on several times in both the series and movies. The Enterprise D had more than enough fire power to destroy several planets. You could bomb a world, set fire to the biosphere with plasma like the Klingons did, blow up super-volcanoes or regular volcanoes and freeze the world, strip the magnetic field off the core and charbroil with solar radiation from the parent star or even release a gas that's fatal to the inhabitants but not humans.

If the devs REALLY listened the the few players who hate Cryptic version of Star Trek and made the one they want, it would become a single faction game with no combat, no ship mode (bridge control only with crew dialog to tell the captain whats happening) no levels and you only fly one (1) ship chosen but not viewable except via the MSD (master Systems Display) board in engineering. Travel time would be realistic (log in, plot a course, log out and check back in 3 days to 5 weeks (realtime) to see if you've gotten to where you wanted to go) and do various scanning mini games to represent "exploring"


End of Rant