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10-09-2011, 08:56 PM
i've actually noticed this to NOT be the case

i'm at the point where i can visit the three Romulan exploration areas, but only one's marked as granting dilithium as a reward for completion

honestly i feel that ALL the areas give dilithium, but the amount you get obviously varies from area to area, for instance Volanis could give....~150-400 dilithium per completion, all the way up to 4000+ from B'Tran VA

that way, people can still earn dilithium, even at the lowest levels, especially once dilithium's further incorporated, but at the same time, higher-level characters are discouraged from going straight to Volanis for dilithium-grinding, keeps them moving, keeps them visiting all the areas and also encourages them more to use the Duty Officer system more because the Sector missions change from sector to sector, and exploration area to exploration area