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10-09-2011, 10:39 PM
I agree here. The amount of exp given currently is going to render the 'Main Quest' system you guys have setup to be more of a major hindrance than what you're envisioning it to be. Question is: Was this intentional for the Tribble test only and the exp gain will remain as is when F2P goes live? Or is it going to be like this? Because if it's going to have a massive exp gain to where you go up a grade from finishing a single mission. You'll have nothing but VA's in days rather than the normal time it would take.

As it stands, with the normal missions, FE's, PVP, Patrols, Exploration Missions, and the implementation of the DOff System. That's quite easily six different ways to level. As it stands now in the beta. Most of us are either RA or higher and still doing lower level missions ranging from the Klingon Front to Romulan Front missions.

The current exp rate you guys have on Holodeck would be a good thing to stick with imo. Quite frankly, levelling in Holodeck is pretty easy as it is, /especially/ with the xp boosts from Q every now and again, /and/ the C-Store xp boosts.