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10-09-2011, 11:56 PM
Originally Posted by biglcny View Post
I think this game levels way to quickly. The rewards needs to stay the same but the XP required to level should be doubled at least. By the time you get geared you are ready to hit the next rank.... it's a pain and it takes away from the game and creates frustration.

Perhaps it's faster on tribble on purpose, i don't know. One mission from a story arc should not get you 80 percent through a level. Additionally, I made it halfway through Cmdr by aggressively playing the DOff system over two days... again... half a rank in just 2-3 days worth of maxing out my number of assignments some of which gave A LOT of XP.

I'd say double the XP required to level and increase the XP boost percentages by double as well so you still get the same or greater value for what you pay for. Otherwise, you don't even have any time to enjoy the story arcs and tier X.5 ships since if you can level past them in two or three days (talking life days here, like after you get home from work) of casual, distracted, watching tv/sleeping at the keyboard, not even trying play! Then you go back to catch up on the story arcs and because you're flying a T5 and you just freakin roll them even though they are level matched now.

And of course as I write this... I've just shot my own argument out the window with a thought: It took forever to level my first toon... but now it's cake because I know what I'm doing.... maybe a middle ground should be found.
I dont see them doubling it, maybe a 25% increase but i doubt that as well. It probably is higher on tribble on purpose to facilitate testing, who knows. Anyway highly doubt theyl do anything to increase leveling xp on holo when this goes live as thatd just make it easier to dilithium fund a new ship which is not what Cryptic wants. They want you to buy one in the Cstore to avoid the grind.