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10-09-2011, 11:19 PM
Yeah I've labeled this 'Happy Feedback cause I am generally happy with some things I've noticed

1.) The layering of badges and rank pips has FINALLY been fixed. Just noticed on the NPCs and in the tailor, I am thrilled about this.

2.) The Doff System - there are obviously a few gremlins to work out but the premise of it really allows for quick log ins, collect rewards and set up other assignments, perfect for those of us wanting a quick log in before work or before bed

3.) The ordering of the missions / episodes. Fitting everything into it's own story arc, or better yet, SEASON, is a real plus. Kudos to whoever is going to maintain that when new missions are added down the road

4.) The Events (Mirror Universe / Starfleet Academy, etc) Tried this out, very enjoyable. The MU event's auto group feature is something I would like to see in the Borg Invasion Space encounters.

5.) Last one, this relates back to the Doff System: Having a use for energy credits! Having to replicate stock of items to be able to start a mission is a great way of micromanaging one's 'in game bank account' This does set up keeping a variety of items on hand to prevent spending the ECs, so this is a nice touch