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10-09-2011, 11:37 PM
Originally Posted by psytce View Post
It was posted that the new daily mission are going to give Dilithium ore, not refined dilithium, and that you can only refine 8000 a day. But now everything is changing to costing Dilithium, even Training & new BOFF's.
A Mk VIII consoles cost 19,200 Dilithium, so you would have to wait 3 days to refine enough Dilithium to buy 1 console .... This just doesn't seem right.

I think the Dilithium prices need to be looked at because I think some prices are way to high ... I mean 19,200 for a console that you use to be able to get 1 and have a little extra from 1 explore mission, it now take about a week to get the 19,200 ore which then takes 3 days to refine ...... This economy is going to be really messed up....
I look forward to seeing the reduced Dilithium extor...I mean, costs...of gear. Even if they cut the prices in half it would still take days to refine the ore for one item at Captain+. I mean, a Mk X rare phaser is 60k. Halved it would still take four days get it with the refining limitation. Doubling the refining limit would help a lot, but I'm afraid they'd make it a console and sell it in the C-$tore...

As for the exploration missions, at least let all of them give ore and just scale the amount based on our level (so running Delta Volantis explore clusters at VA would net you the same ore that the Traelus daily gives instead of 1440). Having just level-equivalent explore missions give ore hamstrings players too much.

Oh yeah, and devs, for Q's sake please put in some indicator that an explore mission will give ore.