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10-10-2011, 12:16 AM
Originally Posted by FurQue
Completely agree with this, faster leveling, with harder to obtain gear, which makes leveling no longer the number one concern.
Yes, but that gear (like the ships, etc,) will be on the C-Store. Isn't that what they want? Isn't that why they are having a mad rush to put purchasable ships at every lower tier and rank? Because the in-game free ones will be nigh-on impossible to obtain?

Also, is that why they are holding back the feature episodes until after F2P? And it's probably why you will see more feature episodes after the lauch, because it is going to make you progress more quickly under the new system, more quickly than you can obtain in-game currency.

Sorry, but it only dawned on me today what this whole new economy is actually trying to achieve, and I'm really quite staggered about it.