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10-10-2011, 12:18 AM
Originally Posted by FurQue
Well, out of all my friends in the game, of that which subscribe, I don't know any, whom have unsubscribed for more than a single month. So I don't buy your theory on people unsubscribing for months on end.

How is it logical to expect more from the game when you have "definitely" paid less than me? Every month I sub for right now, I'm paying more and more than "most" LTS members.

How can you state that there will be no break even point for LTS? Have you even seen the restrictions upon silver accounts? Only just recently, and I mean in the last day or two have they changed their minds on allowing silvers to hold more than 4 BOFF's. Thats right, as a silver member, you wouldn't of been allowed to even fill yours ship slots, anyway, thats been fixed now. But still, you WILL break even, if you were to buy right now, there WILL be a break even point. If you want to be silly, and claim some stupid 6 month sabbatical in the middle east, then fine, it doesn't matter, point is, there will be a break even point, the only way there wouldnt be is if you simply stop playing permanently before you broke even. Which, i think you'll agree, is extremely unlikely.

So, I'll ask again.

Why should you, a LTS who has provided less money to the game than me (assuming we boith have paid the same in the c-store, i mean why would that be different?), the difference getting bigger every month, and will continue to do so, get something more than me?

That makes no sense at all.

LTS is a very very bad business decision, its basically guaranteeing that the service will do exactly what it has done, and move to FTP. Esp considering the change of ownership, most of the lts sub money would have been absorbed by Atari, very little if anything would have been retained for development, as we can clearly see. So cryptic, once sold, would have been left with a load of "free loaders" from their prospective. We can see what a massive difference PW has already made to this game, cryptic are working hard again, things are happening, sure, things are still going wrong, but its a mmo, its a living breathing entity. Its not always going to be smooth, and most of us understand that. Point is, the "cash" which LTS'ers injected and think saved STO right at its birth, is a misplaced theory. It simply got taken away by Atari and was never seen again. Now cryptic is left with the aftermath, which is a bunch of "free loading" (from their prospective) players, who not only get gold for free, but also get C-Store points for free.

It makes no sense to spend extra resources on keeping these people happy, as the game will NEVER see a return of investment for it. Just be happy with your permagold status. The rest of us will be paying for it.

The worst kind of player in this game for cryptic is an LTS player, you expect more and more, but provide nothing in return.
That may be your experience, but it is not my personal experience nor that of quite a few people that I know. You're likely one of those players in this "play all day, every day" (this is not a bad thing and shouldn't be taken as offensive, as it was not intended that way) group, where people spend all their time playing. Most people have real life obligations, not to mention moods that change month to month -- day to day based on what they like and dislike at that current point in time.

Yes, I've paid less than you, but per month that I've played I've *DEFINITELY* payed way more than you. I've paid over 30$ for every month I've played, seeing as I have yet to even be in this game for a year. Seeing as this game will be going F2P, I will be receiving virtually nothing as compensation (seeing as 400 Cryptic points a month will buy me one ship, every 5 months)... I'm sorry, but you're blinded by your lack of ability to see things across the isle. I know what it's like to be a monthly subber, I also know what it's like to a LTS, and as an LTS, I feel I've wasted money on a game I wouldn't really have had to.

Depends on how you define "break even", from my point of view I HAD to pay for the game to even play it. With restricted access, I wouldn't even care, I just would play4free, therefore I'd be 300 dollars more rich. So while I may eventually break even in your eyes, that deal that I paid for, that I made (Access to a non-accessible game unless payed for, via paying myself), is gone. I can never break even in my eyes, since I payed for access to a game that is now free to access (although somewhat limited, slightly), it's still not enough incentive to make me feel as though I've gotten my money's worth.

Because I made a larger up-front investment into a game which could shut down at any moment for all we know. You were not at risk, paying monthly, you could cancel at any time, avoiding further loss. See, while in the long term you may provide more for the game, my initial up front investment was a risk, you had no risk in your investment therefore you didn't earn anything extra, which by virtue of risk I did. Also I've payed about as much as you have (assuming you've been playing for 2 years, which has the game even been out that long?) for the 1 year (not even) I've been playing; So is the case with some (a lot, in fact) of LTS.

No see, you don't understand how this type of business works. While in the long run yes, it loses money (which I'm about to explain, it actually doesn't). It allows this up front cash to be immediately redistributed into dishing out content. A good business model (in my humble opinion), will have a LTS up front, for immediate cash ready to be re-invested into the game for greater profit in the long run. By making a better game, you ensure more renewing of subscriptions and a lot more new subs from people who just try the game via a demo of a sorts. If I were to offer you 1 million dollars up front cash, right now, or 2 million spread out given to you monthly throughout your life, you'd take the first one. Because with that 1 million, you'd be able to invest into really whatever you wanted to invest into to make yourself money, whether that be your own business, whatever it is you want. See, on the surface it seems like as you say "That just hurts the game in the long run", but those who know business can tell you that if managed properly, an up front investment will in the end help more than it hurts, by allowing additional revenue to be generated, possibly out-doing what you lost by offering these LTS as opposed to making it purely sub based. Not to mention some people won't pay (like myself) at all without a LTS option.

Also, we're providing more for the game than the F2P people, because of our status as P2P players it can be assumed that we were able to pay at one point and may pay again at one point for C-Points. So we are in fact, better on the game that F2P players, because we at least may pay for C-Points.

You need to stop treating us like we're some kind of plague, we're human beings who risked quite a bit of money, and in some cases, the risk didn't pay off, like mine. You'd have to play for 20 months for it to pay off (not taking into account small discounts for ordering over 1 month at a time, which should be considered), which again, has this game even been out for 20 months? Only people who subbed at the VERY START have broken even.