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30 mins of your time.... 11,000 Energy Credits.

You have to fly to Every Sector in the game. Not just the blocks, the individual sectors. And in the end, if you complete the entire thing, all together you get 11,000 credits.

They really need to give up some dilithium if you complete the entire tour. Energy Credits are worhtless, and 30 min out of your life for them is equally as worthless. Considering you can make that and more in 30 sec on the exchange.

Please give up some dilithium for this, especially since you cannot even complete the tour until you get to the borg sector in the story arc, since you cannot use the transwarp gate until then. VA's do not need energy credits. And seeing as though it is nigh impossible to even make 8,000 dilithium unless you spend 8hours grinding, it would be nice to make it easier to obtain raw dilithum.

With the 8,000 refining cap, people should have an over abundance of unrefined dilithium. I cannot even earn 8,000 unrefined dilithiun in the FIRST place