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10-10-2011, 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by tuffyace View Post
I have a great question why is Cryptic trying to @&$? us over? They make all these changes that someone has to be a complete moron to come up with it and then still expect us to play the game. If you want to keep us leave the game alone and just add more content. Dilitheum is a great move, but don't make people have to purchase a low level ship.
While i applaud your effort to justify how you feel and how you expect them think about it, it's a pointless exercise. I just wondered why it took you all this long to realize what i already knew months before PW even took over. As far as Dilithium is concerned (BTW the crystal is BLUE not PINK, change the icon), There was an answer on the FAQ that stated that you can get dilithium by other means within the game, and with this "i want it all, now!" mentallity that seems to be a constant on STO, perhaps you should step back and actually enjoy the game, there are soo many missions on the FED side and by the time you reach LT. Commander, you have picked up about 10 missions or more which gives each player the chance to find dilithium and as well as enjoying the game, give it a chance and if it don't work out wait for TOR to come out or ACR or BF3 or whatever and jump ship.

So now i have returned to the game for just a month and to see how everything is progressing, i must admit that some comments in this section have given some pause into what may go on, and the operative word here is 'may'. I read the FAQ and all that jazz and it brings forward several points that can not be answered until F2P is actually out for more then a month... with that said i am now going to play the F2P part of the game and see if any questions come up that needs answers.

On the same issue, different point, i was disappointed the KDF faction has gone backwards, but not at all surprised by this.