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10-10-2011, 06:36 AM
Originally Posted by Jentai View Post
It's not his fault that i get overly agitated when people are "less then nice". that falls on me, and before the conversation even got to page 3 i had already reported myself stating that i had gone too far cus i just couldn't help it......not to say i think he has the right of things, but i did get more agitated then was warranted.

I do agree with him that lifers don't need any more SPECIAL treatment, i havn't asked for anything extra for lifers. And agree that perhaps a good go around is to in fact have 3 teirs of players, Silver, Lifers, Subbed......if ou have a life time you get basically what they are offering now, and if they REALLY wanted subs to exist they could make a third teir that has some extra goodies for those that want to pay for a monthly sub. If it warranted the $15 sub i'd more then likly resub again to help support the game but i'm not going to do so for free. IF this is all that will be (lifers/sub and silver) then i will support the game by purhcasing cstore points as i have continued to do.

For the comments that went too far i apologize, but i will not apologize about disagreeing with your stance on things. We can't all get along but i can TRY to be more civil.
I disagree, since the website boldy states that MORE ON THE WAY.

If you don't think we deserve special, you can give up your 'more on the way' to me when it gets here.


P.S. Love your liberated borg doff idea, it is absolutely brilliant!