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# 1 Coliseum problems
10-10-2011, 08:19 AM
I'm running Coliseum on Tribble, and have had the following problems. In the coliseum, when I arm my sword and press H, the sword doesn't show up until I start using it.

Once I leave the coliseum, my graphics card temperature spiked and went into it's lock down mode - I had to kill STO and restart.

My progress window slider isn't working correctly. Well, it's not working at all - I can't scroll down and see what is next.

Spiked temp, and locked again.

Just met my first batch of critters, and my energy weapons are working. Card temp up again. If it crashes again, I'm not going to put my card through this again.

After killing the critters with my energy weapon, the guy didn't follow me. Temp spiked, program froze. i'm done with testing these missions until this problem is resolved.

I've noticed that my graphics card temp has been running 10-30 degrees F hotter than it normally runs on holodeck.