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10-10-2011, 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by GeneralJumper1
Because Gold Members are constantly getting new things, the LTS was promised new things just for us and that has happened and it would go with the Liberated Borg Captain.

What have Gold received that LTS hasn't? Last time I looked no one had gotten anything since the beginning of March outside of CStore additions and a couple of double XP events so I can't see what Gold members (of which there are none yet) got that was substantial enough to warrant an LTS specific reward.

Originally Posted by Superluminous
I disagree, since the website boldy states that MORE ON THE WAY.

If you don't think we deserve special, you can give up your 'more on the way' to me when it gets here.


P.S. Love your liberated borg doff idea, it is absolutely brilliant!
I don't feel that LTS 'deserves' a reward just for being an LTS. But if I have to give up the 'more on the way' then I'll give it to someone who actually deserves it rather than someone that just wants more.