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10-10-2011, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by FurQue
Sorry but thats a moan.
They're not asking for anything that will break the game, just something that will still help them feel special.

Btw. Saying that Lifers are worse for the game than silver members is a little uncalled for. Remember we have already invested in the game, and alot of us continue to invest through the C-store as well. Also silver players are not a bad thing either, hopefuly they will invest in the C-store as well, and help develope the game. I my self I submitted over 60 hours on tribble since it went live (I think the number is much higher than that.) Givin up doing any dailies on my holodeck toons, just to bug test this and help cryptic develop the game. I have submitted over 100 bug tickets, spent countless hours on the fourms, for not that much in return, I appreciate what cryptic is going to give me when everything is done, but I would have done this regardless. Just because I don't pay a monthly subscription doesn't mean I'm a drain on their systems, I contribute in other ways, that are easier for me to do.