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10-10-2011, 11:24 AM
I've been pretty negative overall, but I can mostly agree with what you're saying. And, while I like the new episode arc system, I think it needs to be split up a bit, for one the Dividian Featured Episodes shouldn't be in the middle of the KDF arc.

I also think the player should be given the ability to start any of them once they've hit level 3, and be able to jump back and forth between the arcs if they don't like the one they're doing now. Or at least key them to open up as the player advances in level.

Klingon at 5
Dividian at 5
Romulan at 5

Breen at 10
Cardassian at 10

Borg at 30
Undine at 30

So that at any given point the player can pick between multiple ones. Scale the patrols the way the normal missions do now, so they open up as you pass checkpoint missions during the arcs.