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10-10-2011, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by FurQue
You bought an LTS in Jan this year and you think you can give me lessons in business?

All this money everyone thinks the preorder LTS's provided to boost early development is lies. The game did not have a good start, there was no flood of content in the first 2-3 months like people seem to suggest. I really do think that all that "investment" was simply taken back to base by Atari.

While I have some sympathy for late LTS buyers, be rest assured, this game will NOT be dying before you have a return on your investment. Its a star trek game, and historically, star trek games hang around for years longer than they should, simply because its trek.
I made a calculated risk, I didn't count on the fact that F2P was being considered because I was told at the time it wasn't (Cryptic's words, not mine), and it didn't pay off. I can make a wrong choice and be correct, what you're doing now is deflecting from the real issue.

I don't care what you think or what happened, I never said that Cryptic did things right, I said "If managed correctly" it could have been done. So your whole speech about "Oh hey guys, LTS means it's going F2P!" is completely and entirely inaccurate.

I know, but personally I really don't care man. I'm well off, I can throw 300$ here and there, it doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that people like you decide what a worthwhile investment is for other people -- when you are in no place to do so. For some people it was not worth the investment to simply get a neat little stipend (by near and little, I mean pathetic and virtually non-existent), seeing as they went in with the mindset that "Look at this, it's not going F2P, and I *HAVE* (Take note of that word, HAVE) TO PAY TO PLAY IT.". When it goes F2P, it will turn out that you don't *HAVE* to pay to play it.

Bottom line, maybe the OP's idea isn't the right one, I don't know. What I do know is, due to the simple fact that we took a risk (as I did), then we deserve at least slightly more than your average sub who decides to play it safe and go monthly (or lacks the up front cash). Some risks won't pay off (as some might say mine didn't), so whether it was wrong or right to do doesn't matter, it was done. We risked, we deserve to earn from said risks, not really an arguable point.